In Remembrance

Arts Under The Stars

Richard Scott Burriss

Richard Scott Burriss (beloved father of Catherine Scott Burriss, Associate Professor of Performing Arts at CI), died peacefully on July 19, 2018, at home in Kapa`a, Hawaii, with family by his side. Born on Valentine’s Day in 1940 in Jersey City, New Jersey, he spread love from that day on.

Geoff Emerick

Performing Arts remembers a friend of the program, Geoff Emerick. Four-time GRAMMY award winner and former Beatles engineer, Geoff Emerick collaborated closely with our PA program. We initially brought Geoff in as a guest artist nine years ago for the PAMU/ART 231 Beatles courses at CI. Our relationship quickly evolved and soon Mr. Emerick was a guest speaker in the PAMU 200 History of Rock class, the PAMU 385 Audio Design and Recording class, where he listened to student’s midterm and final projects and gave constructive criticism, the PAMU 310 Contemporary Music Ensemble, where students performed their midterm for Geoff for an off-campus community event we did with Mr. Emerick, and students “auditioned” for the CI recording projects that Geoff engineered and produced. Mr. Emerick also participated in several other campus events including the 2017 Songwriting Contest, where he was one of the honorary judges, along with CI President Erika Beck, PA faculty members, and Television Composer, Grant Geissman, Geoff was honored at the 2018 Arts Under the Stars event, where he was presented with an award from President Beck and our CI students. The last two PA Student Showcase CD recordings were recorded and mixed with Mr. Emerick at the prestigious LAFX studios in Los Angeles, and Geoff, and former Capitol Records engineer, Bill Smith, recorded a spring 2018 concert of the Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra, and the PAMU 307 University Chorus for our most recent CD. Mr. Emerick has had a profound and direct impact on thousands of CI students over the years, and we want to thank him for all that he has done for our campus. PA faculty member, Paul Murphy recently did a presentation tribute honoring Geoff Emerick and his collaboration with CI at an International Beatles Conference at Monmouth University. The faculty in Performing Arts and our CI students were honored to have collaborated so closely with him over the years. Rest in peace, Geoff Emerick.

Alexander W. McNeill

Alexander William McNeill died February 26, 2016, in Ennis, Montana. He was born January 19, 1943, in Stirling, Scotland, to Adam and Margaret (Bell) McNeill. He earned teaching credentials in math and physical education from St. Luke’s College, Exeter, England.

Alex loved sports, particularly rugby and gymnastics. He received the first Fulbright scholarship in physical education for his study in exercise physiology and biomechanics, leading him to earn a Bachelor of Science in physical education in 1965, a Master of Science in exercise science in 1967 and a Doctorate in exercise physiology and biomechanics in 1973. His work in higher education included posts at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, the University of Idaho, Montana State University, the University of Alaska, and CSU Channel Islands.

Dr. McNeill came to CSUCI as its founding Vice President of Academic Affairs and oversaw the University’s initial development of academic programs and academic planning. Following that role, he served as Director of Liberal Studies, and in his final year before retiring in 2011, as Interim Dean for the School of Education.

One of Alex’s enduring contributions to the people of Ventura County was through his vision for Project Vista, a multi-million-dollar federal competitive grant-writing effort that he spearheaded in 2010. In his final year of service at CSU Channel Islands, he led a grant-writing team that secured nearly $3 million for the purpose of improving diversity in the university’s credential and graduate programs. With the help of Project Vista’s initiatives, CSU Channel Islands saw a 485-percent increase from 2010 to 2015 in the number of Latino-identified students in it’s credential and graduate student population.

Carlos Ortega

You finally get to watch me dance grampy, this one’s for you. Lo quiero mucho Niño.

Ruben David Pacheco

Ruben David Pacheco was a musician, an artist, a lover of words. One in particular was the word, “querencia.” It does not translate – but is used in Spanish to designate that mysterious area in the bullring that catches the fancy of the fighting bull when he charges in. He imagines it is his sanctuary. When parked there, he supposes he cannot be hurt. So it is, borrowing the term that one can speak of one’s querencia to mean that unspecified area in life’s arena where one feels safe and serene. It is our prayer that that is where you rest – safe and serene in your querencia. We love and miss you, Dad. Forever, your family.

He held a BS from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and earned his JD from Santa Clara University School of Law while working for Lockheed in what was to become Silicon Valley. He practiced business law for over 50 years, mentored over 100 law students and lawyers, taught at nearby San Jose State, served as Judge Pro Tem for the Santa Clara County Superior Court, and never retired from the practice of law.

He enjoyed hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and camping. He took great pride in his bird dogs and in putting his horse through the paces in barrel racing and trail riding competitions. He lived with his family in the Santa Cruz, California mountains for 40 years and became a full-time resident of Kauai after spending up to 6 months a year there since 1981.

He will be remembered for his generosity, kindness, curiosity, and quick wit. A hui hou.

Heladio V. Zacarias

“Dad, you may not be with us anymore but you will be in our hearts forever”… Love You!

Our thoughts are with those family and friends who lost a loved one during the tragedy at The Borderline.